Happy 6 Years!

To me. August 1st is my anniversary for living in Nashville. Here are some shots from the past 6 years and quick stories that go with 'em:

1. Moody self portrait from a show at the beloved Basement. Pretty sure I put a promo sticker of mine well above the men's urinal. Months later buddy played through and texted me that he looked up...and there I was :) Hi, Matt!


2. A pretty sunset in Nashville. Street lights floating orbs.


3. Holy cow. I went through The Office a lot. It was almost like comfort food. Maybe for the same reason I used to be drawn to talk radio. Put The Office on in the background and it's like someone is keeping you company. A friend. Dwight's Speech and Benihana Christmas are definitely two of my favorite episodes. "...WE ARE WARRIORS!!!!"


4. Was on a quick string of shows around 2013ish heading back to Nashville. This was taken in New Albany, IN, I believe. Definitely went through a formal look w/vest onstage. I'm not against it, ya gotta try it out see what's most comfortable for you. For me as the artist on stage I surely hadn't thought too much about my aesthetic but have made attempts in recent years. What can you look like so that someone looking at you knows what you sound like? Appearance as a visual cue for behavior. Worth doing.

(c) N. Melton

(c) N. Melton

5. January 2013 had a tour to Obama's 2nd Inauguration and back. This was after the Knoxville show safely back home. Knoxville had canceled 99% of activities downtown that night but my venue stayed open. It was a show where I played for the owner and bartender. Sorry, fellas! But that's how it goes sometimes. I've driven through all kinds of weather. I have never seen a city covered in 3 inches of ice before or since. It is hard to believe I made it in and out of there without crashing. Couple days after this was the tour wrap up at The 5 Spot - and a couple of people came up to me and told me they were there to see me specifically because they heard Lightning 100 playing my music and pumping up the show that week and I have never forgotten that. Thank you whoever you are, thank you for doing that for people.


6. Ah Daytrotter! Took my buddy Ross for a lap around the Midwest when my record 'Follow The Voices' came out. Mostly great shows. But even the awful ones have great stories when you're touring. I couldn't contain my nervous wreck and spent the rest of this day and the next (which was a day off at the Field of Dreams) kinda touch n go. Who has a panic attack at a tranquil baseball field? *Raises hand

daytrotter copy.jpg

7. Here's me and my guy Gregory Alan Isakov posing at the Old Rock House in St. Louis for the release of his record 'The Weatherman.' I've had the good fortune to support him about a handful of times. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Everybody says.


8. Ross and me at the release show for 'Follow The Voices.'

photo 4 copy.JPG

9. Ah this was a very cool thing. My song 'The Storm' was a finalist for lyrics in this songwriting competition. Such an honor and great feeling for this song to be recognized. I think it's my East of Eden, my opus, best work yet. And like Steinbeck said about his book if it woulda fell flat or people thought it was a joke then maybe I've been kidding myself all along and shoulda never been doing this. Glad things worked out.


10. Here's me looking like a snack (snaps fingers, throws a hip) in the Mercy Lounge bathroom.


Okay story time's over for now but thanks for coming by, listening and looking, sharing, loving, saying hi, being there, being where you are. 6+ years in Nashville feels like it just happened in a flash.