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Dear Diary

8/7/14 Nashville to Bloomington

Tour Video Diary #1 (subscribe!)

The first show of the first tour to support "Follow The Voices" was a nice adventure. Turns out the booking agent for the venue up and left in the days before the show, which means all kinds of things left in the lurch. Like anyone having a clue about my show. (cue the ominous funeral parlor organ dirge..) Had fun playing, and played with a songwriter and her guitarist Casey. They've got a great sound, check out Whitney McCombs. 

I'm sitting in the venue day after the show and a fender bender outside just shook the building. It's still gloomy rainy out. But I didn't mind last night. I was so tired, and the show was not lucrative so I slept in my car. First time in a long time I've done that. "...Just like the old days!!" It's not good sleeping in the front seat, sleeping sitting up didn't work out so I shifted guitars around and slept like a rock in the backseat. Got me thinking - years ago I'd sleep in my car a fair amount on tour. The worst (and there have been a lot of really bad ones) was probably Tallahassee Summer of '06. 94 degrees at midnight after another show no one saw. #payingdues I peeled myself off my seat in a pool of sweat after a few hours of 'dozing' in and out and that was it, I was up for the day around pre-dawn in a flourescent-buzz gas station solitude. Some really nice nights of car sleep have been in Lincoln, Denver, and last night.

TOUR SOUNDS - in addition to vocal exercises on CD, I'm listening to one of the greatest songwriting records of all-time. Please, please go find "Street Ballads and Murderesques" by Cameron McGill. He gave that to me playing the same festival in 2006 and it and his voice became my traveling companion and songwriting how-to. Listen to 'If Darkness Would Rather Come', you're welcome. - - Also the Counting Crows put out a double live album "Across A Wire" that I got into for a bit. Off to Champaign, Illinois for an in-store at Exile on Main Street around 5:30 and then tonight at Mike N Molly's.

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