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Piranha's and other things nice

Hello all. Tonight I'll be in a round joined by friend and co-worker Kevin MacDougall! Piranha's on 3rd Ave North. Plenty of other writers in on it tonight. Hosted by Jessica Wallace and Heidi West. Get there at 6 to sign up. Music kicks off around 7!


Last night I took this picture as the Cardinals were in full meltdown mode against the Cubs. Had to walk away and check the mail. Turns out this is a damn fine image. Love the apartment lights in the black. As a Cardinal fan - it was a stressful season. Full of pleasant surprises and resiliency all over the place. A team without Wainwright, Holliday, Adams and a handful of other major players ended up winning 100 games. That is quite a feat and story, and there are lessons to be learned in there. Also a lesson in sometimes you lose. Cardinals have been a real treat for about 10+ years making the playoffs most of the time and winning the World Series sometimes. It's awesome when you're horse comes through. I wish the Cubs well. It could be argued the baseball gods - much like in 2011 when we were down to our last STRIKE in the World Series and we came back to win the damn thing with supernatural home was finally the Cubs' turn to have the gods blow their baseballs out of the park. And yes I know hell maybe there are no baseball gods and everything is done by humans moving their bodies but damn there's no romance or imagination in that. I choose to believe in the poetry of baseball, the mystery of the damn game. Can be beautiful and brutal.

Currently listening to Bon Iver's Daytrotter session from 2008 and if there was ever a song I wished I'd wrote it is "Re Stacks". Right? I've never seen a black crow dangling my keys, faking a toss. But I know exactly what one looks like. I think I should cover this song. Would sound so pretty with accompaniment.

My brother came in from Phoenix for a visit and this is what our stroll down Printer's Alley produced:

I'd never been down Printer's Alley before. Apparently 5 Presidents have.

We took in the Titans / Buffalo Bills game. If you don't know - The Bills are my favorite NFL team. It was a frustrating mess the first few quarters. We were always 'in' it thanks to our defense. Then we snatched victory out of the jaws of defeat and came out a winner. First time tailgating at a football game and I've never seen so many Bills fans in one place before, it was such a treat! Take a look:

Ultimate Zubaz Warrior Bills Fan. And here's a guy who might actually be a celebrity as far as Bills fans go. I think he told me not to tell you what his real name is, just "Super Bill":

I just noticed the "99 PROBLEMS" jersey in the background. In the concessions line I saw a Bills fan wearing a "07 BEERS" jersey.


So anyway, traces of summer sun and weather left. Wanted to update and communicate with you. It's like I'm the satellite dish sending out all these signals. They're available to everyone and I don't know who's tapping in to them. Pretty awesome :)