Totally enamored with this no humidity. Having a great time in Phoenix. Out here for a few days, visiting my brother, doing a gig tomorrow night.

In what feels like another lifetime ago - back last decade I was a chaperone on several 8th grade class trips to the Grand Canyon. We'd fly into Sky Harbor from St. Louis. And as we were headed to baggage claim yesterday down the escalator I had a memory of a memory I forgot I had. Have you ever had that? Like you revisit a place you've been to before but it's been so long your mind hasn't pulled up that file maybe since it happened. So what I'm saying is as we took the escalator down to baggage claim the memory of being in that exact same spot came rushing back to me like a flood. We'd corral the kids into one area off to the right by the exits. It was beautiful choreography, really. The kids would be gathered into one area, put a few adult bodies over there to make sure no one wanders off. Several other adults hustle out of Sky Harbor to the van rental and we'd wait it out till they all got back then we'd load up. 

Anyone reading this have experience with Arizona? We'd go to something Crater first thing..I can't remember the name. It is basically made of volcanic cinder and ash. Completely beautiful and we've taken some EPIC class shots on top of this mountain. The hike up made you earn it, steep.

Anyway all this to say I've been wondering if in some way I'd be able to touch that younger Geoff who was here many years ago doing other life things and wouldn't you know I didn't even get my damn bag before the universe hit me with an 'I know you were here, I know what you did, I know what this meant to you' memory. Wholly grateful. Hope you have those too.

At Phoenix's answer to Nashville's Barista Parlour right now. Sip Coffee & Beer Garage. 

Do you know what it's like to be outside in 80 degree weather with NO humidity? I'll remind you that it's pretty damn heavenly. It reminds me of being in Rosarito, Mexico bungee jumping. When I wasn't terrified the rest of the time spent there was magic. Same with being in San Juan, Puerto Rico MINUS the 15th degree sunburn I gave myself.

Karma Police just played at Sip. Devotchka a bit before that. This place is alright. Andrew Bird is up next, I think.

Hey so I have been sprucing up social media lately. Not that you care persay about my bio and the fancy words but it is a necessary thing - to pretend it's written by someone else but who else on the earth is gonna put the best words in the best spots to describe your you but you? So places like this website, NoiseTrade, Facebook, SoundCloud. They've all had a word facelift. ReverbNation I suppose is next. 

Listen. You've read this far. You've made it! Surely you would like the out before going back to work to do just a bit more floating around. I am offering that to you now. If you have heard either of my last two records - do you have a second to write a brief review? Those iTunes pages are lonely for sweet words.

If It Feels Good, Don't Do It -

Follow The Voices -

Thanks for that!

What I've been listening to lately:

THIS f'ing guy. I recommend you buy Cameron McGill's 'Street Ballads & Murderesques' and 'Hold On Beauty.' 

I love all his records but those two in particular for me were game changers. Stranger's Art, Depression Glass, Between The Wars, XO Hurts, g damn that boy has songs. If Darkness Would Rather Come and It's Not Right are two of those songs that just make you put your pen down or whatever you're doing and take a breath. I've heard Henry Rollins say about his favorite band (I forget what it was) that he felt like he didn't know how to create art anymore, like what's the purpose because they have officially said it all. Cameron (among others) is that for me. 

So that's it for now I hope you're okay out there. See you tomorrow at Fiddler's Dream. Hear the strums at 8pm