Recently I filmed a video here in Nashville and submitted it to NPR's 'Tiny Desk Concerts' contest. Filmed in a secret location in downtown Nashville, perhaps we were trespassing..But it was on a Sunday and no one was around. Ya should have seen the cops when we sped away! Kidding. What we kept was the 3rd or 4th take of 'Gold Dust' out of 5 that we shot. For those of you into the show 'The Office'

- the inside joke should be obvious immediately. You should check it out at my YouTube page here:

Saturday, April 23 I'll be playing WDVX's 'Blue Plate Special' radio program in Knoxville, TN. For more information:

Will announce a Knoxville show and other bookings as things get closer. I'm looking at you, Phoenix. 

What have you been listening to lately? I heard my man is putting the finishing touches on a live record with the Colorado Symphony. Someone confirm this?!

I've been into Phosphorescent lately. Excited for any new Head and the Heart music. Sea Wolf is awesome. Still love that Ben Howard song 'I Forget Where We Were'. I can't figure out if I yearn for that song to have had some additional part or bigger explosion to it. My heart is satisfied when I hear that song but leaves me curious for 'what else could have been' and few songs leave me thinking like that. I heard that new Justin Bieber song (no, really) 'Love Yourself'. It eye-roll pains me to imagine his camp telling him someday he can sing it live and trade in the word 'love' with 'f***' and he'll stay in the news cycle. You can see that happening, right?

I love y'all. Thanks for reading.