Oh, wait!!!

Precious and I would like to extend a Happy Halloween to everybody down there! Isn't that right, Precious?! Well yes IT IS!!


What am I up to tonight? Well I'll probably stay in and work on some arts and crafts. I've got some sewing to do.

I like to listen to music when I create. Usually androgynous synth pop. Wanna hear my jam?



I've got a friend over for awhile. A bit overdramatic and noisy at times, but she is about a size 14. Which is PERFECT. (Ohhhhmmmmmm.........) Let's just hope she doesn't notice my last friend's fingernails halfway up the walls!


Alright well there's someone who keeps ringing the door bell. They won't go away!! Ermff... Well I better get going. Have fun and be safe out there tonight! - Jame