Nashville indie/folk songwriter for fans of: Gregory Alan Isakov, Damien Rice, Wilco, Elliott Smith, Ryan Adams, Bon Iver, Death Cab For Cutie, Counting Crows, Neil Young.

Geoffrey is a Midwestern singer-songwriter based in Nashville, TN. Influenced by unique storytelling and songwriters, he's created his own compelling and artistic brand of acoustic/indie/atmospheric folk music.

A documentary is being made by Joe Gomez ( The film will capture an inside look at Koch's writing and recording of the next studio record.

His most-recent cd is 'Follow The Voices.' 'FTV' is a collection of acoustic indie/folk songs set to a symphony orchestra backing band. Filled with beautiful and lush instrumentation, Koch says, "we were going for Gregory Alan Isakov's 'This Empty Northern Hemisphere' meets Bon Iver's 'For Emma, Forever Ago.'" A successful Kickstarter campaign supported both the making of 'FTV' and a Midwestern tour to record a Daytrotter session. 'The Storm' from 'FTV' won Lyric Finalist (1 of 17 of 18,000 total entries) in the International Songwriting Competition.

In January of 2013 - he booked himself a tour to The Inauguration in Washington, D.C. to test drive material that would end up on "Follow The Voices." In July he recorded and co-produced it at SiloTree Studios in-between Midwest and Southeast Summer tours. In December of 2013 while mixing 'FTV' Koch repackaged and reissued a full-length studio album co-produced by Wilco's Ken Coomer, 'If It Feels Good, Don't Do It.' That record blends full-on rock and roll with hints of the signature ambient folk he's fine-tuned in recent years.

While living in St. Louis, Geoffrey was a featured musician in the documentary series The Chevy Music Showcase. In 2012 the videos they produced created a fresh wave of exposure and momentum for him, via his episodes airing on the local CBS affiliate and their presence on YouTube. Geoffrey performed 'Chasing After You' (a single off of '...Don't Do It' and winner of Best Demo by The Recording Academy/Memphis Chapter) showcasing the songwriting range and depth he has become known for.

All-told, Geoffrey has been touring the country and making music as an independent songwriter and performer since 2004. Koch has criss-crossed The United States with music while also fulfilling the roles of booking agency, publicist, and manager. In that time he's stocked his resume with hundreds of honed, compelling live shows - many with household names. "Live At Lucas School House" and "Throwing Rocks At Your Ghost" were his first efforts and the solid groundwork for the more refined and polished art and performances of today.




Winner - Lyric Finalist in the International Songwriting Competition, 2014. 1 of 17 of 18,000 total entries for song: 'The Storm' from album: 'Follow The Voices'.

Featured musician in music documentary series The Chevy Music Showcase 2012.

Singer-Songwriter of the Year, St. Louis Music Awards 2006 (People's Choice)

Winner - Best Demo for 'Chasing After You' by The Recording Academy (Grammy's) - Memphis Chapter 2005

Shared the bill with many fine acts, including: Gregory Alan Isakov, Joshua James, Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers, John Hiatt, Lydia Loveless, Kris Allen, Kopecky, Brian Van der Ark (The Verve Pipe), The Autumn Defense, Owen, Cameron McGill, Steve Ewing (The Urge), Kris Roe (The Ataris), Adam Burrows, Joey DeGraw, Tyrone Wells, Ali Harter, Kelcy Mae, William Elliott Whitmore, Beth Bombara, The City on Film, Ross Christopher, Bound Stems, Sleepy Kitty, Matt Hopper, Judith Owen, Brad Hoshaw, Midwest Dilemma, Joel Levi, Matt Cox, John Maxfield, Owen Pye, etc.

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"Koch has put in a decade’s work developing a sound that’s one part sturdy anchor, one part stunning ache. He counts songwriters Gregory Alan Isakov, Elliott Smith and Ryan Adams as influences and measuring sticks; the comparisons are apt — one can hear similar traces of the beautiful and world-weary in Koch’s work. It would be just as fitting to liken Koch to a Midwestern version of Glen Hansard; often, Koch’s songwriting is bleary-eyed and beleaguered, but just as often, he is able to unravel the silver strand from the stormcloud he spots...Koch’s catalog is stocked with melodies strong enough and romantic enough to soundtrack the most pivotal scene on your favorite TV show or art-house drama. Yet, his lyrics are deep enough and wide enough to matter long after the credits roll. Koch’s voice is one that needs to be heard and should be followed wherever it leads the listener." - Aarik Danielsen, The Columbia Tribune

On 'If It Feels Good, Don't Do It' - "It's sentimental, it's heroic, it's down home and sophisticated. It's everything people want their favorite singer-songwriter to be" -

"If you've always wanted to discover music's next big star before they became famous, don't make plans for Friday night..." -

"Geoffrey Louis Koch didn't take his own advice. The folk-rock singer's latest album is so enjoyable, that he may never have recorded past the first song if he had listened to the album's title - 'If It Feels Good, Don't Do It.'" - Centre Daily Times Weekender

"People...see a guy that plays good music and deserves to be heard and appreciated. - Flagpole Magazine